November, 2018

Bubbling under

Art Featured Festival Graffiti

After rather active summer and early autumn I’ve taken a bit slower on the actual graffiti painting front. Intentionally, I might add. Because the remnants of 2018 I’ve been busy planning the coming year of 2019. As well as painting some back patches and t-shirts for both Christmas sales as promotional use. And of course painting as much canvases as possible for future exhibitions.

Without going into details, I’ll reveal a few things: two solo exhibitions for 2019 have already been confirmed. I will also be spending some time abroad in an art residency the next summer. Which I am very, very excited about. And on top of everything: it looks like that some of my older works will play a minor role in yet unannounced exhibition early next year. Once the organisers go public with the details, I’ll link ’em here as well as my social media pages.

Working on a diptych painting

So, that’s all for now. Expect another update during the first quarter of 2019 when negotiations finally have become signed contracts.

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