I’m born in August 1975. I’ve been painting graffiti since 1989, although the love for graffiti was born a bit earlier in the 1980’s. Between 2002 to 2009 I mainly focused on graphic design and illustrating and did only a handful of actual graffiti paintings. During 2010 I started to get back in the game. I mainly paint traditional or classic graffiti. Which, at least for me, means clear and readable letters following the mid 1980’s NYC style with a strong scandinavian twist. Naturally I’ll paint characters and landscapes too, if and when needed. But letters are my love, have been for nearly 29 years.

In addition to regular spray paint I like to use markers and acrylic paints as well, especially when painting something in smaller scale. I’m 100% self taught artist.

I draw inspiration from heavier music and dark, humorous comics of Frank Miller and Mike Mignola or 2000 AD comics like Judge Dredd.

Events and public work

I’ve been involved in many graffiti events and commercial productions since 1995. Most recent event in Finland was Lux Helsinki, large light art festival held in the middle of Helsinki. I was part of a group who painted graffities with neon spraypaint, and the paintings were on display in the middle of Helsinki and lit by UV-light. I also had the honour to be part of the International Meeting of Styles events in Copenhagen (2016), Wiesbaden (2017, 2018) and Tampere (2018). I participated in “Our Street” exhibition from the late 2014 to early 2015 as well as “You and Me in a portrait” in 2016, which both took place at Vantaa Art Museum Artsi.

The latest and largest exhibition I took part in was “For the Love of Freedom“, which focused solely in graffiti. It took place in August 2017 at Kerava Art Museum and lasted ’til the end of October 2017. Then it took a small break and in January 2018 it continued at Oulu Museum of Art, Oulu.

I belong to artist collective Raw Deal and am also a proud member of Artist’s Association MUU.

Graffiti Inc.

From the fall of 2014 to early summer of 2016 me and my wife ran together Leiskuva Inc, a company which focused mainly on offering graffiti courses, workshops and commission paintings. From mid-2016 I’ve been a freelancer, focusing 100% on letter based graffiti – or stylewriting, as it’s known outside Finland.

HellRaisers Crew, the Book

Somewhere around 2013 me and my crew mate Rosk started working on a book about our crew and it’s history and how it relates to both the history of our home town Espoo but as well our personal lives. The book was supposed to be ready by 2015, for the 25th anniversary of our crew, HRC. But it took a bit more time, because we wanted to give our 110% to it. The book finally hit the shelves in September 2016. It is written in finnish and has 100 pages. In full color, I might add. If you’re interested, it can be ordered thru this link: book.hrc.fi.

Art Grant

For a six month period starting in January 2017 I worked with an artist grant provided by Arts Promotion Center of Finland. During this time I focused all my energy in creating material for two exhibitions as well as four larger scale murals around Finland. I think I was the first graffiti artist in Finland who so far had the honour of creating both graffiti and graffiti related material supported by an art grant from Finnish government.

Curriculum Vitae

DOWNLOAD: finnish | english.


Need for a quote or are you just looking for a place to send feedback? Or maybe you want to use some of pics in your website or school project? You’re in the right place. Just mail me at acton@hrc.fi and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I am also relatively active at Instagram, feel free to follow.

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