Unique art for your needs
Murals, canvases, live painting

Contacts either in finnish or english.
Preferred method: email to acton[at]hrc.fi.

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Where I'm coming from In other words: "why choose me?"

  • 30 years of expertice

    I got into graffiti seriously in early 1990. I’ve had the pleasure to paint many places and surfaces as well as take part in various events both in Finland and abroad. My works have been on display in art museums and I have participated in many exhibitions during the last years.

  • Strong ties to art community

    In 2014 I became a member of Raw Deal, an art collective of twelve graffiti professionals. Pretty much the same time I was granted an artist membership at Artist’s Association Muu. In January 2019 I was also granted a prospect membership in Finnish Painters’ Union.

  • Style is the message

    Even though I do value graffiti as an art form, I approach it a lot like advertising: the message needs to stand out from the competition, yet it should be recognisable from a distance. My focus in letterforms and my eye for detail are the key factors that form my personal style.

Random Observations of various surroundings

Art Exhibition Featured

Pop up exhibition

For the last few years I’ve mainly painted black and white canvases, concentrating on the...

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Art Featured Graffiti Photography

Eyes on the Horizon

Espoo City Museum launched their latest exhibition, titled as “Eyes on the Horizon”...

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Art Graffiti Graphic Design Music

Thank You For The Music

In January 2019 I started to paint a series of paintings under the working title “Thank You...

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Art Featured Festival Graffiti

Bubbling under

After rather active summer and early autumn I’ve taken a bit slower on the actual graffiti...

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Art Featured Festival Graffiti

Payback Jam 2018

Payback Jam is a hip hop event that takes place in Jyväskylä, Finland. This year in the middle of...

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Art Featured Graffiti

Espoo Art Attack

As if my calendar wouldn’t be full already, there’s another group exhibition right...

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