I was born in August 1975. I got involved with graffiti around 1989-1990, although the love for it was born a bit earlier in the 1980’s. Between 2002 to 2009 I mainly focused on graphic design and illustrating, making very little art related to graffiti. But finally in 2010 I began painting with spray paint again. It took a few more years ’til it became more or less my full time profession.

I mainly paint traditional or classic graffiti. Which, at least for me, means clear and readable letters following the mid 1980’s NYC style, with a strong Scandinavian twist. Naturally I paint characters and landscapes too, if and when needed. But letters (or stylewriting, as it’s also called) are my love, have been for 32 years.

I draw inspiration from heavier music (as in thrash and death metal), have done so every since I started painting graffiti.

In addition to regular spray paint I also use markers and acrylic paints, especially when painting something in smaller scale.

Events and public work

I’ve been involved in many graffiti events and commercial productions since 1995. I’ve participated the International Meeting of Styles events in Copenhagen, Wiesbaden, Tampere and Budapest as well as the Copenhagen remote edition (2020), physical place being Outokumpu, Finland.

The event to gain the most media coverage which I participated in was the “Home of Art” at Kerava during the summer of 2020. In total 94 artists decorated a whole apartment building with their art, me being one of them.

During 2019 – 2020 I was featured in the “Eyes on the Horizon” exhibition held at Espoo City Museum. On the actual exhibition there’s one photo from me but nearly twenty more on an online gallery as well as two public paintings at Kivenlahti, Espoo.

The largest graffiti related exhibition I’ve participated so far was “For the Love of Freedom“. It took place in August – October 2017 at Kerava Art Museum and January – March 2018 at Oulu Museum of Art, Oulu.

Longer version of the stuff I’ve taken part in can be viewed from Curriculum Vitae -page.


I was very, very active in the nineties and painted all around the capital area of Finland. Sometimes alone, but most of the times with HRC, the graffiti crew me and my childhood friend and a fellow writer Rosk formed in the autumn of 1990.

HRC – The book

Somewhere around 2013 me and Rosk started working on a book about our crew and it’s history and how it relates to both the history of our home town Espoo but as well our personal lives. The book was supposed to be ready by 2015, for the 25th anniversary of HRC. But it took a bit more time, because we wanted to give our 110% to it. The book finally hit the shelves in September 2016. It’s written in finnish and has 100 pages. In full color, I might add. If you’re interested, it can be ordered thru this link: book.hrc.fi. There are still some copies left.

In 2020 I started working with the 2nd edition of the book and managed to finish the ground work for it by the autumn of 2020. The 2nd edition was finally published in the April 2021. It has much more pages (in other words interviews, stories and photos) and it’s written in english. Instead of making “just” a translated version of the 1st edition I wanted to create, well, something more. And naturally aim for the international market. If you want to order the book, it can be ordered directly from the webshop of the publisher, link here: kauppa.voima.fi/tuote/hellraisers-crew…


Want to purchase art from me? Or maybe you’re looking for a place to send feedback? Do you want to use some of pics on your website or school project? You’re in the right place. Just mail me at acton@hrc.fi and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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