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Every now and then I feel like we graffitiartists are the only outlaws at the art market and the only ones forced to work for free, only to grow our cv and get positive visibility or any other lame excuse like that. Ok, those arguements are (or have been) commonly used in graphic design as well as web design related projects. Fortunatelly to a lesser extent. Or at least so I hope. Anyways, when news like this pop up to the news feed of various social media services I start to see red. The problem is very real and still rooted very strong. I demand change. And feel like I need to raise my voice further on this matter and hope it gets heard somehow, somewhere.

The articles that got my blood boiling are linked below. They are in finnish and I couldn’t find any translations from YLE’s english site, sorry for that. I’ve heard bunch of stories presented in the articles from fellow graffitiartists around Finland, so we are talking about widespread phenomena.

For a comic relief I give you this: Should I Work for Free, which is still very accurate site yet been online for quite some time.

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