Who Made Who: the Exhibition

Art Exhibition Featured Graffiti

Finally, after a long time in the making, I can announce my next exhibition! At a totally new place for me, I might add. Hope that you’re able to visit the place.

Place: HAA Gallery, Suomenlinna fortress.
Rantakasarmi, Suomenlinna C 1
FI00190 Helsinki
Time: September 29th – October 22nd, 2022.
Vernissage: September 28th, 2022, 17:00-19:00.

Olarin Panimo kindly endorses the beers for the vernissage.

My working was made possible by a special COVID-19 grant for artists and professionals in the culture and creative sectors provided by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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Lainit X Monari

Festival Graffiti News

Street art Association Urban arranges an event at Kuopio within a few weeks. On August 27th, to be more exact. And I’m happy to announce that I’m also invited! I’ll be sharing a wall with Raw Deal comrades. It’s been a while since the last time with these fellas, so I’m looking forward to it!

More info about the event from the website of the association.

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Kerafest, Espoo

Art Festival Graffiti Mural Street Art

Kerafest event takes place on July 30th at Kera area, Espoo. That’s less than two weeks to go! The place is a former logistics center and I can’t emphasize enough how huge the area really is! These days the place holds many events and activities and many of the large walls in the area have been painted with various street art during the last few years.

I am invited to paint at the Kerafest event with fellow graffiti writers Charles Liquor and Punish. Gotta say that I’m looking forward to it, the styles those dudes drop are phenomenal!

More info about the place.
The event on Facebook.

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Seinäjoki Graffitilandia

Art Exhibition Festival Graffiti Mural News Street Art

As if two rounds of Wasa Graffitilandia last year weren’t enough, the organizers behind the event managed to expand the event to nearby (about 75km) city of Seinäjoki! Last week I visited the place with my crew mate Soved and we managed to leave our humble marks on the spot. So, once the event opens to public, you’ll be able to see them and bunch of other jaw dropping artwork by various artists, both domestic and abroad. And trust me, the participating artists this year are more than you could expect!

And yes, the 3rd round of Wasa Graffitilandia does take place at the same time. And just maybe there’s something small from us over there too…

Check out the Seinäjoki Graffitilandia website!

Seinäjoki Graffitilandia logo by BR1.

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Wasa Graffitilandia, round two

Art Exhibition Festival Graffiti Mural Street Art

Wasa Graffitilandia is an outdoor art exhibition in an abandoned amusement park in Vaasa, Finland. Over 100 artists took part in filling the place with all sorts of art during the summer 2021 and the venue was open for public for the late summer ’til it closed its doors. But since the event was a success and the place itself is huge, the organisers announced that round two for the event would take place later this year. I was lucky enough to be invited for this event as well. If all goes as planned, it’s less than a week when I’ll be there.

During the first round I did a bunch of small pieces in the area, for the second round… well, I am not sure yet, I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Maybe even something different than during the previous round…

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Copenhagen calls, again!

Festival Graffiti News Street Art

Later this month I have the pleasure of painting at 2021 edition of Meeting of Styles. In Copenhagen, Denmark. The last time I participated in the actual event in Copenhagen was back in 2016. That was also my first ever Meeting of Styles event. Well, ok, I did participate last years remote edition too, but due to travelling restrictions related to COVID19, my input took place from the safety of my own country.

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About writing

Music News Work

…as in, writing text. More like as in lyrics, I might add.

It might come as a surprise to many, who follow my graffiti related adventures, that writing my name with spray paint or even editing a book about our crew have not been the only things I’ve written during my creative years. At one point of my life I wrote something else – which occasionally makes me even more happier than painting my name in ornamental form ever did. Yet I feel it’s very related to what I do graffiti wise as well.

During 2004-2007 I wrote some lyrics for my favourite band, The Project Hate MCMXCIX. That means for two of their albums, “Armageddon March Eternal” and “In Hora Mortis Nostrae“. I am not a real author/writer, but I got inside the atmosphere and lyrical theme of their albums in no time. Continue Reading

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The Sales Event of the Finnish Painters’ Union 2021

Art Exhibition Featured

I’ll be participating the Sales Event of the Finnish Painter’s Union at Cable Factory, Helsinki. For a second time, I might add. And like the last time, I have three paintings for sale at the event. Continue Reading

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Demolition Art Takeover

Art Exhibition Featured Graffiti News

Demolition Art project expands its concept to a new spot, this time on a premises that are not going to be demolished but quite the opposite: the place has been renovated and the owner wants to offer something new to their clients. So they contacted Jouni Väänänen, the person behind the Home of Art and many other projects and started negotiating about how Demolition Art concept would fit in their business plan. So, the place is nothing less than Hotel Helka, right in the heart of Helsinki City, and the outcome will be open (with restrictions) to public from January 14th 2021.

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Art for sale

Art Graffiti News Street Art Work

Since December 2020 some of my works have been on sale at Taiko, a Finnish Art Online -store… and that’s really it.

Do check them out, will ya?

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