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For the last few years I’ve mainly painted black and white canvases, concentrating on the actual letter forms and various materials/surfaces. So during last fall I felt the urge to paint something colourful and spiced up with comic like characters. So I made a small batch of about 20 canvases for Christmas sale. I liked the experience so much that I decided to paint some more canvases after the event.

Once I get in the flow, I usually tend to go a bit overkill. So by the end of December I realised I already had closer to 30 paintings, sized between 20x20cm to 35x50cm. At that point my wife said that maybe it would be a good idea to have a some sort of sales event, a pop up exhibition. She happened to have a place in mind for the event as well. So, I accepted and thought I could paint a couple of more paintings so I’d have round 40 paintings for sale while she negotiated with the place owner about the details about holding the exhibition.

Pâtisserie & Chocolatier Mayra | inside & outside

In February 2nd 2020 I’ll be holding a pop up exhibition at Pâtisserie & Chocolatier Mayra, a small bakery/coffeeshop located at the heart of Tapanila, Helsinki. Feel free to pop by, enjoy fresh coffee, some cakes and whatnot and browse thru comic related graffiti art. And do check out the event at Facebook as well for additional info.

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Eyes on the Horizon

Art Featured Graffiti Photography

Espoo City Museum launched their latest exhibition, titled as “Eyes on the Horizon” earlier this year. The very same museum which obtained copy of our book released in 2016 (relevance explained later). This exhibition tells about seaside Espoo from the perspective of changes faced in livelihoods, leisurely pursuits and in nature over the years. Many of the stories are told thru one particular area/neighbourhood of the city. This very neighbourhood is Kivenlahti, a region residing on the seashore of the southwestern Espoo.

Well, it just happens that out of the many areas of Espoo, Kivenlahti is also the area where I painted the most during the nineties. Sure, as an actual area, the Länsiväylä highway itself was the place where I as well as my crew HRC painted the most, but it passes thru many regions of Espoo (Kivenlahti included) so that’s why it’s out from the comparison.

So, my involvement in the actual exhibition is a photograph from a graffiti I painted in the Kivenlahti beach in the summer of 1997. But that’s only the involvement in the actual premises of the museum. On top of that roughly twenty photographs of various pieces I painted in Kivenlahti are presented at a virtual tour on museum website. Later in the summer I will repaint a larger graffiti which I originally painted in 1995. And will do few guided tours in the area telling about it’s history from a graffiti writers perspective. So stay tuned!

And the relevance to our book? Well, since the book of ours tells mostly about our adventures in the nineties, Kivenlahti area is strongly represented in its pages. And both the exhibition as well as having our book at the museums archives ties our crew into the (stored) history of Espoo. And that is what I consider to be really darn awesome!

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Bubbling under

Art Featured Festival Graffiti

After rather active summer and early autumn I’ve taken a bit slower on the actual graffiti painting front. Intentionally, I might add. Because the remnants of 2018 I’ve been busy planning the coming year of 2019. As well as painting some back patches and t-shirts for both Christmas sales as promotional use. And of course painting as much canvases as possible for future exhibitions.

Without going into details, I’ll reveal a few things: two solo exhibitions for 2019 have already been confirmed. I will also be spending some time abroad in an art residency the next summer. Which I am very, very excited about. And on top of everything: it looks like that some of my older works will play a minor role in an yet unannounced exhibition early next year. Once the organisers go public with the details, I’ll link ’em here as well as my social media pages. The exhibition is none less than “Eyes on the Horizon” at Espoo City Museum. I am honoured to have one photograph of my old painting included in the actual exhibition as well as 14 or so more in their virtual “mobile route” based on Kivenlahti region in the nineties.

Working on a diptych painting

So, that’s all for now. Expect another update during the first quarter of 2019 when negotiations finally have become signed contracts.

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Payback Jam 2018

Art Featured Festival Graffiti

Payback Jam is a hip hop event that takes place in Jyväskylä, Finland. This year in the middle of the town, Kauppalaispiha to be more precise.

And why am I posting about this..? Well, in addition to rap music, street dancers, parkour and whatnot there’s also live graffiti painting on the spot. For example by a local writer, Rives, whom I think happens to be one of the best stylewriters in Finland at the moment. Seriously. Check the dude out! But yes, I will be painting there too.

So, be there or be… something. And if you decide to just be something, at least check out the FB-event and Insta-accounts of the organiser. If possible, I’ll try to post something from the event as well. Most likely on my Insta-account.

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Espoo Art Attack

Art Featured Graffiti

As if my calendar wouldn’t be full already, there’s another group exhibition right behind the corner! An exhibition where I have the pleasure of having my art on display, of course. But even more stoked I am about the fellow artists as well as the actual place where the exhibition will take place: my old hometown Espoo. And the place there none other than the Culture Centre of Espoo. You know, I have to admit that it’s been a long way to from the concrete walls of Länsiväylä highway, a large highway in Espoo that I used to paint alot in the 90’s, to a gallery wall of the very same city.

The exhibition is curated by Sellekhanks and Hende, fellow artists and mighty fine chaps on top of that, if you ask me. They have done a killer work in relatively short time. Unbelievable.

More info from the Facebook-profile of the exhibition.

So, go and pay a visit, the exhibition runs from October 10th ’til October 29th. You won’t be disappointed!

Rest of the artists on the roster are: Dandysteele, Hende, Kiss, Koponee, Ninakuu, Psyke, Ray 52, Rosk, Salt, Sellekhanks and Soved. If you paid attention, you’d notice that there’s two HRC crewmates included. The very ones who spent their early teens with me decorating the various spots of Länsiväylä.

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Meeting of Styles Wiesbaden

Art Featured Festival Graffiti

Last year I had the priviledge to participate in Meeting of Style‘s Copenhagen’s event. This year I will be painting at Meeting of Styles, again. But not in Copenhagen but in Wiesbaden, Germany. And with my Raw Deal crewmate and long time friend mr. Psyke. And what’s even more cool is that compared to many other Meeting of Styles’ events, where participants get to paint their individual pieces, we’ll be painting a group wall instead. Accompanied by three other writers from around the world. Writers we’ve never met before. Now talk about challenge! But we are so looking forward to the event.

Need I say that if you wanna follow up the happening in real time, go and check out both the Facebook-page as well as Instagram-profile‘s of the event. And yes, Psyke and Yours Truly will try to update our personal IG/FB accounts as well during the event.

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Meeting of Styles Copenhagen

Art Featured Festival Graffiti

I’ll be participating this years Int. Meeting of Styles event at Copenhagen. This is truly an honour for me. The festival is the biggest graffiti event worldwide, held annually in over 20 countries. And the skills of the participants are unbelievable so I know I need to pull my 110%. Come to think of it, I am not sure how many (if any?) finnish graffiti artists have participated in the MOS events outside Finland prior to me.

Expect bunch of photos after the event. And if you are interested to follow the event almost in real time, I suggest you follow their Facebook-page or Instagram-profile. I try to update my Instagram-profile from the event as well but I know my focus will be on the actual painting, not documenting it.

To see the complete flyer, click here and my photos here.

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