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Demolition Art project expands its concept to a new spot, this time on a premises that are not going to be demolished but quite the opposite: the place has been renovated and the owner wants to offer something new to their clients. So they contacted Jouni Väänänen, the person behind the Home of Art and many other projects and started negotiating about how Demolition Art concept would fit in their business plan. So, the place is nothing less than Hotel Helka, right in the heart of Helsinki City, and the outcome will be open (with restrictions) to public from January 14th 2021.

Oh, how is this related to me? Am I going to be painting there or something like that? Actually not… or more likely closer to “something like that”. Many of my paintings that were on display at my “One More Time, Motherfucker” exhibition will be hung on the walls of the hotel, among fantastic artwork by many talented artists that I had the privilege of “sharing the stage” with at Home of Art during the summer of 2020.

For more info about the exhibition, check out the social medias of both Hotel Helka as well as Demolition Art project. For more thorough info (in Finnish), check the project description from the Demolition Art website.

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