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As if my calendar wouldn’t be full already, there’s another group exhibition right behind the corner! An exhibition where I have the pleasure of having my art on display, of course. But even more stoked I am about the fellow artists as well as the actual place where the exhibition will take place: my old hometown Espoo. And the place there none other than the Culture Centre of Espoo. You know, I have to admit that it’s been a long way to from the concrete walls of Länsiväylä highway, a large highway in Espoo that I used to paint alot in the 90’s, to a gallery wall of the very same city.

The exhibition is curated by Sellekhanks and Hende, fellow artists and mighty fine chaps on top of that, if you ask me. They have done a killer work in relatively short time. Unbelievable.

More info from the Facebook-profile of the exhibition.

So, go and pay a visit, the exhibition runs from October 10th ’til October 29th. You won’t be disappointed!

Rest of the artists on the roster are: Dandysteele, Hende, Kiss, Koponee, Ninakuu, Psyke, Ray 52, Rosk, Salt, Sellekhanks and Soved. If you paid attention, you’d notice that there’s two HRC crewmates included. The very ones who spent their early teens with me decorating the various spots of Länsiväylä.

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