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Espoo City Museum launched their latest exhibition, titled as “Eyes on the Horizon” earlier this year. The very same museum which obtained copy of our book released in 2016 (relevance explained later). This exhibition tells about seaside Espoo from the perspective of changes faced in livelihoods, leisurely pursuits and in nature over the years. Many of the stories are told thru one particular area/neighbourhood of the city. This very neighbourhood is Kivenlahti, a region residing on the seashore of the southwestern Espoo.

Well, it just happens that out of the many areas of Espoo, Kivenlahti is also the area where I painted the most during the nineties. Sure, as an actual area, the Länsiväylä highway itself was the place where I as well as my crew HRC painted the most, but it passes thru many regions of Espoo (Kivenlahti included) so that’s why it’s out from the comparison.

So, my involvement in the actual exhibition is a photograph from a graffiti I painted in the Kivenlahti beach in the summer of 1997. But that’s only the involvement in the actual premises of the museum. On top of that roughly twenty photographs of various pieces I painted in Kivenlahti are presented at a virtual tour on museum website. Later in the summer I will repaint a larger graffiti which I originally painted in 1995. And will do few guided tours in the area telling about it’s history from a graffiti writers perspective. So stay tuned!

And the relevance to our book? Well, since the book of ours tells mostly about our adventures in the nineties, Kivenlahti area is strongly represented in its pages. And both the exhibition as well as having our book at the museums archives ties our crew into the (stored) history of Espoo. And that is what I consider to be really darn awesome!

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