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And the 2nd edition means the book, not the crew…


When we released our book, titled as “HellRaisers Crew – osa Espoolaisuutta vuodesta 1990“, in 2016, we felt a bit unsatisfied about the release. We originally planned it to be nearly twice as thick, but since we published it ourselves, we had to cut the costs in order to even get it out. Meaning reducing the size and the amount of material. And we also had a hard time deciding whether to do the book in finnish or english. As you all know, we went for the domestic version.

Three years later

Sometimes in late 2019 I asked from Rosk if it would be ok for him if I’d begin translating the book in english. With a thought that we could release an english version as a pdf later on. This was fine for him…

Well, come 2020 and the COVID19 and nearly the whole world went in lockdown. So, I needed to channel my frustration and “lockdown anxiety” somehow. So I decided to do a proper 2nd edition of the book. Not just translating it in english but to add all the photos we wanted to put in the 1st edition and maybe even get an own chapter about Espoo old school graffiti as well as new interviews on top of it. Once the project went forward it became obvious that I’d have everything done by the end of the summer 2020. So I decided to apply for a grant and check if I’d find someone to publish the book. Well, after few months of uncertainty everything clicked. The Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland accepted my application and promised to support the publishing costs and one small domestic publisher took our book under their wings.

So… if all goes as planned, I hope to get the book out for wider public during the spring of 2021.

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