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I’m into heavy metal. Seriously. Have been since I was nine years old. So seeing me at techno or electric music festival in general ain’t very likely. Well, if you participated in this year’s Kosmos Festival you probably witnessed the opposite.

My colleague and crew mate Psyke lives and breathes the damn music in question. And he knows… well, nearly everybody. At least if they’re related to either graffiti or finnish techno scene. So naturally he was somehow related to the event and was asked to paint at the festival. The festival organizers decided to build a large graffiti wall so Psyke asked if I’d be interested to tag along with Mion, crew mate from Raw Deal. I didn’t say “yes” in the first place, but now after the event I’m quite happy I did.

Kosmos Festival 2015

The Fabric of the Cosmos

People at the festival, both the audience as well as the staff, were awesome. And we got to even fool around with neon/fluorescent spraypaints – colors which I never use in my own artwork.

First picture © 2015 Jouni Väänänen

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