Moshoholics Zombie Wall, 2013

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  • Psyke
  • Round
  • Wasp

This is an attack warning…

F.K.Ü. is a swedish thrash metal band for whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with few times. They’re absolutely cool people! In addition to creating kick ass music, artwork for their last few albums has been mindblowing. Well, the person responsible for ’em is none less than Jeff Zornow, a famous international horror artist and designer. He did magnificent work for F.K.Ü.’s Where Moshers Dwell (2009) album too, but Rise of the Mosh Mongers (2013) album had so cool overall apocalyptic atmosphere that I definitely wanted to paint something larger based on it. So I contacted my future Raw Deal crew mates Round and Psyke and checked if they’d be interested hooking up with me for a larger production. They were.

All it really took was shitloads of spraypaint, bunch of beverages and some eight hours of work under more than decent weather conditions. It was late May of 2013 and sun shined thru whole day keeping the temperature around 25 degrees centigrade for hours.

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