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For the last few years I’ve mainly painted black and white canvases, concentrating on the actual letter forms and various materials/surfaces. So during last fall I felt the urge to paint something colourful and spiced up with comic-like characters. So I made a small batch of about 20 canvases for Christmas sale. I liked the experience so much that I decided to paint some more canvases after the event.

Once I get in the flow, I usually tend to go a bit overkill. So by the end of December I realised I already had closer to 30 paintings, sized between 20x20cm to 35x50cm. At that point my wife said that maybe it would be a good idea to have a some sort of sales event, a pop up exhibition. She happened to have a place in mind for the event as well. So, I bough the idea and thought I could paint a couple of more paintings so I’d have round 40 paintings for sale while she negotiated with the place owner about the details about holding the exhibition.

Pâtisserie & Chocolatier Mayra | inside & outside

In February 2nd 2020 I’ll be holding a pop up exhibition at Pâtisserie & Chocolatier Mayra, a small bakery/coffeeshop located at the heart of Tapanila, Helsinki. Feel free to pop by, enjoy fresh coffee, some cakes and whatnot and browse thru comic related graffiti art. And do check out the event at Facebook as well for additional info.

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