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Sotajumala is a kick ass finnish death metal band from Jyväskylä. They released “Raunioissa” album at January 16th 2015. A video “Sinä et ole yhtään mitään” (translates to You are close to nothing) was released a month before. The song itself immediatelly became my favourite track from the band and the video was nicely executed, plain old band video. Yup, the one you see in the beginning of this post. I asked my wife would it be possible to do a graffiti video which would pay homage to the original music video. She said she’d give it a shot.

First task was to get permission from the band. Both for the idea as well as for using the song. So I sent an email, being sure that they wouldn’t answer. But they did, relatively soon even! And gave me permission and wished luck with the project! I love the band even more.

Making of Sotajumala-graffiti

Making of Sotajumala-graffiti | Picture © 2015 Saija Salonen

It took six months to fit the videoshoot in our schedule. Finally at June we drove to Östersundom graffiti wall and begun painting and videoshooting the process. It was sunshine when we started but few ours after we noticed dark clouds in the horizon. Which were drawing nearer slowly. Few ours later it was raining, from time to time pouring. Thanks to wind direction the wall stayed dry during the whole process, but we were very worried about our camera equipment. We started filming with three cameras, but the last few hours we were using only one. Under umbrella or from our car. But the painting was finished, cameras stayed intact and the whole process was successfully filmed.

Now we just have to see when we’ll have the time to actually edit the video since we’re off to Lapland next week for our next big project.

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