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Due to COVID19 and all the restrictions caused by it, I’ve spent countless hours indoors in 2020. And I’ve used a lot of that time for creating art. Which in general has been a good thing, because in 2019 I reserved an exhibition time for myself for early 2020 and the gallery space is large. Meaning that I’d be needing quite a few canvases to avoid presenting empty walls.

When the lockdown took place a lot of the exhibitions were postponed and my time was moved to November 2020. At first I wasn’t sure was there any reason to hold an exhibition in times like these, but since I remained active and produced shitloads of new art, I thought what the hell, why not. As long as the shop/gallery remains open on November, so will my exhibition.

I had a slightly different concept in mind when I originally reserved the space. Once again the plan changed and concept grew. I ain’t complaining, I think the new concept is much cooler. But more about it when the time draws nearer.

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