Wasa Graffitilandia, round two

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Wasa Graffitilandia is an outdoor art exhibition in an abandoned amusement park in Vaasa, Finland. Over 100 artists took part in filling the place with all sorts of art during the summer 2021 and the venue was open for public for the late summer ’til it closed its doors. But since the event was a success and the place itself is huge, the organisers announced that round two for the event would take place later this year. I was lucky enough to be invited for this event as well.

During the first round I did a bunch of small pieces in the area, for the second round… well, you gotta visit the venue to see it yourselves. The event opens November 26th 2021 and runs til January 9th 2022.

MTV news made a small article about the event and I got featured in it as well, see the video here.

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