5000m², Lappeenranta

As soon as the new theater of Lappeenranta was built into a mall at the center of Lappeenranta city, the old theater was sentenced for demolition. Before it took place, the theater was given into use of local artists for a period of six months. This is how the 5000m² event was born.

  • Roller paint primer
  • Paint splatter
  • Color fills for "Act"
  • "Act" in progress
  • Finishing 3D's
  • Acton
  • Act
  • Acton

Professional artists were encouraged to apply as participants for 5000m² eventy during the autumn of 2015. By early December 111 artists/art groups out of 200 applicants were chosen, me and my wife being one of these groups. At late January of 2016 I painted a whole of three pieces and my wife videotaped the process. The short film which she edited was displayed during the event at the same space where the painting is located.

The painting process took two days and editing the video over an week. Since I had very limited time for painting the wall and it was painted indoors, I decided to use spraypaints from Montana Colors. First of all, they have waterbased spraypaint, which is less toxic than regular spraypaint yet works well. I painted as much as I could with ’em, the rest I filled with Hardcore2, high pressure and premium coverage spraypaint. For the outlines I chose Nitro 2G black, my personal favourite for outlining pieces.

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Client: 5000m2 workgroup