Act Eor, 2014

The world was, once again, in turmoil during the late 2013 and early 2014. Well, when wouldn’t it? I was very, very pissed off about the situation both in Ukraine as in Venezuela. Not to forget Syria or Palestine. Man is his worst enemy, there’s no denying.

  • Sketches and spraypaint
  • Acton sketching character
  • Artists at work
  • Detail
  • Acton working on the background
  • Eore filling in "Act"
  • Eore filling in "Act"
  • Working on the piece
  • Eore drawing outlines
  • Finished piece

I wanted to express this frustration caused by the worldwide crisis and art is more than perfect for it.

Eore and I begun working with this anti-war mural. We borrowed the characters from comics of Mike Mignola because the symbolism reflected by WWII and especially the USA vs. nazi-Germany aspect would fit like a glove for our anti-war message. We didnt want to write any anti-war slogans so we decided to stick with out tags. Or shortened versions of ’em anyways.

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