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Early 2016 Art Museum of Vantaa, ARTSI, chose street art as their main focus. They obtained works from several finnish street- and graffitiartists to their collections. I was lucky enough to be one of these artists.

  • Raw material for brick wall texture
  • Detail of canvases before painting 'em
  • Background and rough letter forms
  • Most of the painting filled
  • Finished "Act" piece
  • Canvas removed, only illegible section left.

Since I had no suitable works ready I decided to paint completely new painting for the museum. Took me a little while to come up good concept. I never used the method of taking smaller sections of larger painting and use ’em as own piece but always thought the idea worth trying. So I decided to give it a shot. I decided to do a triptych consisting of three canvases which measurements were 90x70cm each. So in total it’d be 90cm high and 210cm wide, which is decent size for small piece… or sections of it.

The painting itself took one day, but ground work way more. The most time consuming was preparing of the canvases. I didn’t wanna use plain canvas so I built a brick wall structure for canvases using cardboards, acrylics, filler and gesso. This process took several days, but was well worth it. The final painting does look like it really is a section of a painted real brick wall.

I painted the actual piece outdoors, at Östersundom graffitiwall on a cold, snowy day in late December 2015. Cold weather set some limitations for the process, the spraypaint didn’t work as well as I’d wanted to and drying time was longer than usual but never the less I managed to complete the painting during daytime. After the painting was completed and photographed, I removed the canvas away and left the painting with three empty spots.

ARTSI chose to use the painting as a part of the “You & Me” exhibition which opened to public at February 25th, 2016.

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Client: Vantaa Art Museum ARTSI