Dark Days, 2019

The idea for Dark Days started to form up while creating work for previous solo exhibition, "Graveyard Classics", and colorwise it can be seen as a logical continuation for it.

  • Dark Days advertisement
  • Dark Days: works packed at the studio
  • Dark Days: building the exhibition
  • Dark Days: Works on the wall
  • Dark Days: Acton
  • Dark Days: Acton HRC
  • Dark Days: Bits and Pieces 1-6
  • Dark Days: Details from various works
  • Dark Days: merchandise
  • Dark Days: Additional artwork

The theme itself is pretty straightforward: letters, five (Acton) or three (Act), with additional small letters here and there (usually crews), all painted in black and white. The main “thing” with the works is the surface/canvas. It has layered structure, usually mimicking concrete or brick wall or a wall which has torn wallpaper on it. Or combination of all ’em. Unfortunately pictures don’t do justice for the works: due to the technique and technical restrictions of digital cameras, nearly all small details get lost in the process. So that’s why I added few close ups of the work, they might shed a bit light to the chosen technique.

I begun the ground work for these in early 2018, pretty much the same time when I booked the space from Unckan Store for my next exhibition in 2019. Original plan was to paint a few prototypes with the chosen technique and then start working ’em on a much larger scale and have few of ’em on display at the exhibition. But the further I worked, the more I realised I was focused on the works at hand and I kept creating more and more of the same size, perfecting the technique… and soon I noticed I had more than enough small or medium sized works for a possible exhibition. But didn’t have any larger paintings done. So I postponed the idea of working with bigger canvases… and painted six miniature paintings instead. So in total I had 15 black and white paintings done by the end of 2018.

Usually when I am holding an exhibition, I wanna add some extra elements to them. This time I decided to choose maybe a bit bolder approach: naturally I had some merchandise (t-shirts, back patches) for sale but I also brought few canvases that differ a lot from the style of the actual exhibition and had ’em on sale as well. Only that the people buying ’em could get the works immediately with ’em whereas with the actual works of the exhibition you had to wait until the closing date. Four of these canvases are from the “Thank You For the Music” collection, which still is a work under process, started earlier this year. More about that particular theme here.

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Client: Unckan Store