Fat Lizard Brewing Company

Fat Lizard Brewing Company is a finnish brewery located in my old home town, Espoo.

  • Clean wall
  • Tools of the trade
  • Working under surveillance
  • Working under surveillance
  • Outlining the piece
  • The artist and the brewery owners

I painted the company name inside the brewery. Since I painted inside, I used Montana Waterbased spraypaints due their low odour and less toxic content compared to regular spraypaint.

This one was a fun case to work with. First of all, I love beer. And my old home town Espoo. And graffiti. When given the chance to combine these three, I’m the first one to say yes. Minor downside to all this was that I never drink while on the job – so I had to actually wait ’til I got home before I could enjoy samples of their quality beer.

Compared to regular “company graffiti” I actually got to choose what I’d paint and how. Of course I wanted to paint the company name, but instead of replicating their logo on larger scale I painted it the Acton-style as seen in the picture. Ville Lahtinen took both photos as well as videomaterial from the painting session. All flicks presented here are taken by him and used with kind permission. The videomaterial could end up in future marketing material for Fat Lizard.

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