Free City of Kalasatama, 2018

Free City of Kalasatama at Suvilahti was an urban oasis for two months (18 May – 15 July) in 2018. Respecting the heritage of the area it was built using sea containers, which adapt to the scene of various events.

  • Free City of Kalasatama, 2018
  • Free City of Kalasatama, 2018
  • Free City of Kalasatama, 2018
  • Free City of Kalasatama, 2018
  • Free City of Kalasatama, 2018

In addition to the containers, there also was a barbecue facilities and a park with the possibility for urban gardening. In other words, it provided a perfect setting for all sorts of DIY-kind of urban events, from gigs to yoga classes.

Suvilahti is also the place where first legal graffiti wall of Helsinki was built and so far the only graffiti based gallery MakeYourMark is located. So it was more than obvious that graffiti and street art in general would be included in the project somehow. Naturally me and my crew mate Rosk didn’t hesitate a second when we were asked to participate in the painting of these containers. Paying respect to the area, we decided to hit the spot with very basic crew-graffiti which could be read from a distance.

There’s another point to the chosen word as well: It’s been years since we painted together a HRC-piece. Years. I mean I’ve done few by myself during all these years, sure, but the last time we did an actual HRC-piece together, even sketched by mr. Rosk himself, was probably in the mid-nineties. Maybe even earlier.

Our painting (and all the other paintings for that matter) remained intact during the whole time the Free City existed at Suvilahti. That is a very good achievement, considering the nature of the place and the fact that life cycle of a regular piece on the area can sometimes be counted in hours.

In case you want to know what in general happens at the Free City area during this summer or exactly when, I recommend checking out their Facebook-page as well as Insta-account. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The whole project was organised by Helsinki Urban Art in co-operation by Redi, a large shopping center which is being built on the same area (opens in the fall of 2018).

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