Good Vibes Jam, 2018

For a second year in a row Street Studies arranged a community edition of the worlds largest graffiti festival, Meeting Of Styles. This smaller scale event once again took place in the Greve municipal, in the outskirts of Copenhagen. And like with the main Meeting of Styles event, the artists for the happening came all around the world, from Brazil to Finland.

  • Good Vibes Jam 2018 / Flyer
  • Good Vibes Jam 2018 / Bowes and Clayton in action
  • Good Vibes Jam 2018 / Clayton working
  • Good Vibes Jam 2018 / Rives and Isue in action
  • Good Vibes Jam 2018 / Acton drawing the outlines
  • Good Vibes Jam 2018 / Rives
  • Good Vibes Jam 2018 / Isue
  • Good Vibes Jam 2018 / Bowes
  • Good Vibes Jam 2018 / Clayton
  • Good Vibes Jam 2018 / Acton

I was invited to the event together with two fellow norsemen, Rives and Isue from MTW crew, Finland. And what made the occasion even more better, my german brother in arms, Bowes from Aeromigos, was invited to the event as well. So we shared the same underpass with brazilian spray can artist Clayton Tomaz.

That’s really it. Fantastic artists, more than familiar scandinavian weather (rain, sunshine, warm, chilly, all within the same 24hrs) and always friendly danish people! I was travelling with my whole family and we all felt like home, thanks to hospitality of Steffen and the Good Vibes Team.

Since I planned to paint for only one day, it meant that we had to keep ourselves busy at our spot the whole day. Meaning that I didn’t get to take pictures from the event that much. At all, to be honest. But there were two other tunnels reserved for the event where kick ass art was created during the whole three days that the event took place. I’d recommend checking their Facebook-page or the Instagram-profiles of the individual artists at the spot.

Arts Promotion Centre Finland provided a grant to cover my travel and accommodation costs for this event.

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