Home of Art, Kerava, 2020

Taiteen kotitalo, or the "Home of Art", is a demolition art project at Kerava which is curated by graffiti artist Jouni "Psyke" Väänänen. The actual place is an old, five storeys apartment building that was taken out of use some years ago due to its bad shape. In 2019 it was given to Demolition Art project before it would be demolished. In total of 94 artists and/or artist groups participated in the project in 2020.

  • Inhabitants of the House of Art at Kerava
  • Taiteen kotitalo | tools of the trade
  • Taiteen kotitalo | first few layers of paint on the first wall
  • Taiteen kotitalo | layers of paint
  • Taiteen kotitalo | taping the papers on the wall
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act I & II, ground work for the letters done
  • Taiteen kotitalo | writing quotes on Act I
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act III, filled with writings
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act I & II, filled with writings
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act I, detail
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act I & II, outlines
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act II, peeling the paintings off the wall
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act III, peeling the paintings off the wall
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act I, sections of the wall peeled
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act III, sections of the wall peeled
  • Taiteen kotitalo | measuring the distances
  • Taiteen kotitalo | paintings being framed
  • Taiteen kotitalo | paintings in frames
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act II, places for the frames
  • Taiteen kotitalo | red spot, the viewing point
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act I, clean
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act II, clean
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act III, clean
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act I, framed
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act II, framed
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Act III, framed

The project ended up being the largest, most visited and probably even most shared in social media art event of 2020 in Finland. COVID-19 might’ve had something to do with it. Many galleries/museums were closed due to restrictions as well as travelling outside Finland wasn’t recommended – so people visited the domestic places that were open and were considered to be safe to visit.

I consider my input quite humble, at least when compared to other participating artists: I only painted a small room with a combination of three different works, all framed triptychs. The title of my section was “My mind is mine, no one else’s” and the three individual works were titled as “ACT !: People = Shit“, “ACT II: Manipulation” and “ACT III: Awake!!“.

Once again I chose to create art based on songs, this time more like my interpretation of the songs. Personally it was my way on venting, getting the anxiety out of me. Anxiety caused both by COVID-19 as well as police brutality to take place especially in United States. So the first painting, “People = Shit“, a song by Slipknot, raises my disgust against humanity in general. The second one, “Manipulation“, from a song by Six Feet Under, is basically about us, the individuals, being manipulated by larger entities but also that it’d be possible to resist it. The title of the whole room is actually a lyricline from the very same song, acting out as a defiant cry of self awareness and independence. The last one, “Awake!!“, is about awakening, opening ones eyes… or generally just accepting that everything’s going to be ok in the long run. Which is a song by Devin Townsend Project. My works reappeared in a stripped form at my solo exhibition later the same year at Molotow Helsinki Concept Store.

More about this event here (mainly in finnish):

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