Home of Art, Kerava, 2021

Taiteen kotitalo, or the "Home of Art", is a demolition art project at Kerava which is curated by graffiti artist Jouni "Psyke" Väänänen. The actual place is an old, five storeys apartment building that was taken out of use some years ago due to its bad shape. In 2019 it was given to Demolition Art project before it would be demolished at a later point. Eighty artists and/or artist groups participated in the project in 2021.

  • Taiteen kotitalo | Assistant priming the large wall
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Blank canvases hung on the wall
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Paper sheets taped on the wall
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Taping the area for the tag wall
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Sketching first outlines
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Painting fill-ins
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Finetuning the corner areas of canvases
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Painting outlines
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Removing paper sheets from the painting
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Removing masking tapes
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Finished painting
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Finished painting
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Ready and framed painting
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Acton-canvases
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Tags and names of the represented artists
  • Taiteen kotitalo | Groupshot of the artists of 2021
In 2020 I painted a very small room at Home of Art. This year I got slightly bigger room and a corridor for my playground. Last year I worked alone, but this year not, even if that was the original plan. The concept of my section is “blurring” the styles and it’s named “Who Made Who”. Which also happens to be an album by AC/DC released in 1986. The idea in a nutshell is asking fellow artists to sketch my name on paper and then I would choose what to paint from them. I wanted to create a collective piece, even if I’d be doing most of the artwork by myself. Since I hurt my back the very same day I was supposed to start my share at the house, I had to rethink and re-plan the concept. Being on a three week sick leave gave me a plenty of time for thinking, even though it messed up my schedule completely.

So, I had only two choices: either cancelling the whole thing or asking for help. Usually I work alone, but this time the idea of getting extra hands on the spot seemed to fit the concept like a glove. So, once I recovered, I got back to the scene, now backed up with my older son and crew member Deos. My son carried all the equipment to the fifth floor where the room is located and brought me whatever I needed during the two days we worked there together. He also did all the priming work for the room and assisted me in hanging the framed work on the wall as well as cleaning the room afterwards. Deos on the other hand helped me with the actual painting for the following days.

Since my painting capabilities were very limited, I could only paint 2-4 hours a day until the painkillers stopped working. So Deos sketched all the work on the walls following my instructions and the sketches drawn by two talented writers of slightly younger generation, Osek (FI) and Bowes (DE).

Once Deos did the sketching, I made minor corrections for the first outlines and then we started filling in the works together. Deos paid more attention to the work based on Osek’s sketch as well as the smaller, Act-painting he sketched on the spot. I concentrated on the larger wall based on a sketch by Bowes and the white area which was filled with tags. I also brought four canvases based on these same sketches which I had painted earlier in the spring and hung them on the corridor.

I might add that this is only the beginning, or the very first (public) steps of this concept: I started working with it at the late 2020. Since then I’ve been working on multiple canvases based on sketches by many artists and done my variations on them. The title of the concept will also be the name for the solo exhibition, which will take place on a later announced date and place.

My working at the House of Art was made possible by a special COVID-19 grant for artists and professionals in the culture and creative sectors provided by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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