Int. Meeting of Styles, CPH 2016

Meeting of Styles is the biggest graffiti event worldwide, held annually in more than 20 countries. I had the honour of being one of the participants in this years event which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • NBQ paints sponsored the paints for the event (MOS 2016)
  • Acton drawing 1st outlines (MOS 2016)
  • Day one, pieces at their early stages (MOS 2016)
  • Photographer and 5.7 crew at work (MOS 2016)
  • Artist and photographer at work (MOS 2016)
  • Day one, pieces at their early stages (MOS 2016)
  • First outlines for the character (MOS 2016)
  • 5.7 crew's mural in progress (MOS 2016)
  • People analyzing Acton's unfinished piece (MOS 2016)
  • Crowd is having a good time (MOS 2016)
  • Artists taking a well deserved break (MOS 2016)
  • People enjoying the event (MOS 2016)
  • View outside the venue(MOS 2016)
  • Rasmus Balstrøm's work in progress (MOS 2016)
  • 5.7 mural in progress (MOS 2016)
  • InkaHolic and Tim Timmey in action (MOS 2016)
  • 5.7 crew in action (MOS 2016)
  • 5.7 crew in action (MOS 2016)
  • Loads crew in action (MOS 2016)
  • Art in progress at the Pumpehuset entrance (MOS 2016)
  • N1 and Fosk (MOS 2016)
  • 5.7 crew working their magic (MOS 2016)
  • Loads crew in action (MOS 2016)
  • Burner in progress (MOS 2016)
  • Act / Raw Deal (MOS 2016)

The event was held in two locations, Pumpehuset in the center of the town and Stengade at Nørrebro. Since I was on a tight schedule I stayed only at the venue where I painted, which was Pumpehuset.

For more pictures I wholeheartedly recommend checking the Facebook-page as well as the Instagram-profile of the event. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! The quality of the pieces and talent of all the artists is way beyond amazing.

Thanks for the MOS Crew, all artists, Pumpehuset staff and everyone who visited the event. Me and my family had a blast and I hope to be able to participate in the Meeting of Styles events in the future as well.

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