Int. Meeting of Styles, Wiesbaden 2017

Meeting of Styles is the biggest graffiti event worldwide, held annually in more than 20 countries. I had the honour of being one of the participants in this years event which took place in Wiesbaden, Germany.

  • MoS 2017 / The venue at Mainz-Kastel
  • MoS 2017 / View at the main tunnel
  • MoS 2017 / View at the beginning of the main tunnel
  • MoS 2017 / One of the walls near the railroadtracks
  • MoS 2017 / Artists at work
  • MoS 2017 / Art in progress near the ceiling
  • MoS 2017 / Artists working between scaffold and wall
  • MoS 2017 / 5.7 crew at work
  • MoS 2017 / Portraits
  • MoS 2017 / Smaller tunnel below the railroad tracks
  • MoS 2017 / Large wall on the other side of the tracks
  • MoS 2017 / Large mural in progress
  • MoS 2017 / Stairs leading from the main tunnel to bus station
  • MoS 2017 / Bus being painted
  • MoS 2017 / Dan Kitchener working his magic
  • MoS 2017 / Psyke taking pics of Can2 painting
  • MoS 2017 / Dater working on his piece
  • MoS 2017 / Priming the wall
  • MoS 2017 / Going thru the colors
  • MoS 2017 / Martha Cooper taking pictures of Psyke sketching
  • MoS 2017 / Bowes and first outlines
  • MoS 2017 / Aeromigos goofing around
  • MoS 2017 / Fill ins
  • MoS 2017 / Psyke and Peto working
  • MoS 2017 / Painters working their asses off
  • MoS 2017 / Peto doing fill ins
  • MoS 2017 / Bowes drawing 3D's
  • MoS 2017 / Mandatory spraycan pose
  • MoS 2017 / Psyke and Peto in work
  • MoS 2017 / Alien working on his character
  • MoS 2017 / Additional texts for background
  • MoS 2017 / Martha Cooper being interviewed
  • MoS 2017 / View across the tracks
  • MoS 2017 / Psyke adding details for his character
  • MoS 2017 / The whole wall
  • MoS 2017 / Bowes Aeromigos
  • MoS 2017 / Alien & Psyke Raw Deal
  • MoS 2017 / Peto Aeromigos
  • MoS 2017 / Acton Raw Deal

This year I did not participate alone. I was lucky enough to get my Raw Deal crewmate Psyke to join me for the event which took place between June 8th to 11th, 2017. So what did we do and how did we like our stay..? Well, see for yourselves. I think the few pictures presented here tell more than I could spit out with 10 paragraphs of text.

I know I am repeating myself, but never the less: Since most of the pics on this page are from the wall I participated in, you should check out the Facebook-page as well as the Instagram-profile of the event for more pictures from the scene. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! The quality of the pieces and talent of all the artists is way beyond amazing. The few I posted here are only a tip of the iceberg and mostly from unfinished pieces.

MoS 2017 / Friendsies with The Legends: Martha Cooper and Can2

Thanks for the MOS Crew, our fellow writers Bowes, Peto and Alien as well as rest of the artists, both the ones we did get to meet and the ones we didn’t. Also huge thanks to the staff at the event as well as the local youth house for hosting and feeding all the artists. And naturally everyone who visited the event during the four days! Psyke and Yours Truly had a blast and we’re looking forward to participate in the future Meeting of Styles events as well.

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