Iron Maiden Wall

Even though I mainly like to paint letters, there are cases when I'm ready to ease up a bit with my principles. For example when someone wants me to paint Eddie, the mascot of Iron Maiden, on their living room wall.

  • First, rough outlines
  • Starting to paint the background
  • Background filled with black
  • Painting in progress
  • Filling in with blue paint
  • Painting details
  • Adding some final touches
  • Finished Eddie-painting

Client obviously is a huge fan of british heavy metal band Iron Maiden. He wanted to have an interior painting of band’s 1986 release “Somewhere in Time” originally painted by Derek Riggs. He didn’t want “just” a print or replica of the artwork but a spraypainted version from it, knowing it’d be less “clean” and posterlike when painted with the given tool.

It has been some time since I’ve done any characters, so I naturally accepted the challenge. I was pretty confident since I had plenty of time for painting: nearly two weeks. Since the wall was approx 2,7 X 2,4 meters in size I was ready in three days. I painted the whole wall with Montana Waterbased products, mainly with spraypaint with some additional touches by markers consisting of same pigments.

The hardest and time consuming part of this project was to keep the actual apartment clean while and after painting. The amount of paint dust was overwhelming and the apartment itself was relatively small, two rooms, kitchen and a bath room. The paint dust spread everywhere, even though I covered everything in sight with cardboard and plastic. Luckily the client was renovating the apartment so it was empty the whole time. I wouldn’t even accepted to paint inside an apartment with spraypaint if the furniture and household belongings would’ve been inside.

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