Kerava City 90th anniversary

During 2014 the city of Kerava celebrated it’s 90th anniversary. On the actual “birthday”, during early June, I painted an underpass at the center of the city together with Eore, Psyke and Hende.

  • Hende sketching
  • Psyke and Hende working
  • Tools of the trade
  • Acton filling in 3D's
  • Work in progress
  • Working on the details
  • Other side of the tunnel ready

The tunnel was divided in two sections. The other one was colored solely with beige and it reflected the history of the city. Other half, the presence, was colored solely with green. As seen in the pictures, I participated on the green side of the underpass.

Psyke Acton

The texts laid in white are slogans which inhabitants of Kerava gave online thru event’s Facebook-page. We chose the ones we thought were the best ones to incorporate on to our paintings.

Since we painted the whole tunnel with Molotow-products, they chose to represent a small report from the event on their website. Check it out, there’s also pictures from the other half of the tunnel, the beige Psyke & Eore combination. Link here!

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