Lapin Loiste

Lapin Loiste ('The glow' or 'the shine' of Lapland) is part of larger whole of artprojects by Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses. Projects were meant for inhabitants of given area, city or suburb. Lapin Loiste took place in Lapland, the city of Kemijärvi and was focused on bringing graffiti from the Capital area closer to exotic nature of Lapland. I had the honour of being part of the artist group that held graffiti workshops at the city of Kemijärvi during the midsummer of 2015.

  • School of Kuumaniemi
  • View to Kemijärvi
  • Hende and poster for workshop
  • YLE painting
  • YLE reporter photographing the piece
  • Acton
  • Acton, staircase

Other members on this project were Hende Nieminen and Jani Liukkonen. Samppa Batal took care of the documentation.

Prior to the actual event Hende and I painted a Kemijärvi-graffiti (above). Samppa made a short video from the painting process which was used as a commercial for the actual event. Samppa also made a short documentary video from the Kemijärvi-happening which can be found thru this link. Hende wrote more thorough story about our trip to Kemijärvi, check it out from his blog.

We spent five days at Kemijärvi. First few days we got to know people and surroundings and the next three days we held workshops at Kuumaniemi school which is located in the middle of Kemijärvi city. The school is old school which hasn’t been in use for years. After the workshops we spent evenings at the same location painting our own graffities. Since the workshops will be presented in the documentary film and all artists will present their own output thru their own channels, here’s naturally just my paintings.

Reporter from Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE made an article about the event. An audioclip can be listened from their website and short video of me painting YLE-graffiti is available at their Facebook-page.

Acton, Kemijärvi (edit)
Edited picture of the painting I made at the hallway of the Kuumaniemi school. The painting is on adjacate walls located on a staircase, so viewing it directly is challenging.

I like to give my sincere Thank You’s to my colleagues, Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses and especially the lovely people of Kemijärvi who really made this project what it was.

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Client: Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses