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I've been a member of Artist Association MUU since December 2014. Association organizes an exhibition for their new members annually every December. I applied for the 2015 exhibition and luckily my application, among with six other artists, was approved.

  • "Acton" in progress, undercoated plywood boards
  • "Acton" in progress, half of the background filled
  • "Acton" in progress, background done
  • "Acton" in progress
  • Finished "Acton" piece
  • Flyer/advertisement for the UUSI MUU exhibition
  • Finished painting viewed outside the gallery
  • Voima Magazine, December 2015

I painted completely new painting for the exhibition. I was required to paint it on the spot, few days before vernissage. I painted the blackout curtains which were made of plywood and placed in front of the large windows of the gallery. Which also meant that during the exhibition my painting was visible to every one passing by, 24/7, since it faced outside towards the street. Lönnrotinkatu, where the gallery is located, is pretty actively used by traffic so I think I gained nearly as much potential viewers as my paintings did at the Länsiväylä highway back in the 1990’s. In addition to my work the exhibition also showed video art and word installations.

I was also lucky enough to get few months extention for the display of the painting: Following two artists who had their exhibitions at MUU gallery on January and February 2016 happened to need blackout curtains and thought that my painting wouldn’t contradict their exhibition in any way. Huge thanks to Juha Sääski and Pasi Autio.

Voima-lehti conveniently wrote an article about the association and myself, you can read the article from Voima’s website.

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