Of Chaos and Carnal Pleasures

The Project Hate MCMXCIX is a (death) metal (and beyond) phenomena hailing from Sweden. If you ask me, they're the best damn band out there, even though term "band" doesn't quite apply to them. Or him, since the The Project Hate MCMXCIX, or TPH which is easier to type, is a brainchild of Kenth Philipson.

  • Track #1: Blood Design
  • Track #2: Sulphur
  • Track #3: Reign
  • Track #4: Allegiance
  • Track #5: Perversion
  • Track #6: Treacherous

Mr. Philipson is a long term musician and all around genious originating from Örebro, Sweden and now resides in the woods very close to the entrance to Black Lodge – or so I’ve been told. TPH has released eleven albums since 2000, always topping themselves, album by album. They’ve evolved from small project which even played few gigs in the early millennia, to a christ-hating phenomena which lives and varies a lot from album to album and only on albums, holding sometimes over 10 musicians and at least two singers (Jörgen Sandström being always the other) plus various guest vocalists, always being mixed and mastered by the best of them. These days that’d be Dan Swanö, if you yet don’t speak swedish metal jargon perfectly.

TPH’s 12th album will be released by the end of 2016. Since I’m close friends with mr. Philipson and do various magical tricks with and for their website and album covers, I had the honour to hear the album’s first mixes (without the real drummer, other than that the stuff is 95% close to final) and I was blown away. I always am, every time I hear new music from them. Hell, I am blown away nearly every time I hear their already published albums as well.

But how does that relate to graffiti? Thru me, naturally. I like to challenge myself with my art, usually by adding small details to my work which I only see or know are there, but don’t seem that huge alterations to general public. Sometimes that’s done by painting band names or replicating album artwork from old classics. Now I wanted to add song titles of all the songs that are about to be on the new TPH album. That’s relatively easy task, cos TPH isn’t known for +10 songs on an album but instead of only few but long, over 10 minute sonic journeys to Golgatha and back. That’s six songs for this particular album. Which is entitled as “Of Chaos and Carnal Pleasures”. The songs on the album are in consecutive order: Blood Design, Sulphur, Reign, Allegiance, Perversion and Treacherous.

And the pictures above are my way of telling to the world: “This album is by far the best shit I’ve ever heard… until their next album, of course”.

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