Pasila Street Art District 2018

Pasila (Helsinki, Finland) started to transform into a colorful street art district in August 2017 and the project continued in equally massive scale later in 2018.

  • East-Pasila, 2018 / Painting gear and the actual paints
  • East-Pasila, 2018 / First outlines for "Acton"
  • East-Pasila, 2018 / Acton and fill-ins
  • East-Pasila, 2018 / Acton filling the gradients
  • East-Pasila, 2018 / Rosk concentrating on his piece
  • East-Pasila, 2018 / Rosk drawing outlines
  • East-Pasila, 2018 / Acton outlining his piece
  • East-Pasila, 2018 / Acton Rosk

If you are interested in the backgrounds of this project, read more about my input for the project last year.

This time I didn’t work alone but was lucky enough to have my crew mate Rosk to paint with me. And the wall was much larger than the previous one I painted for the very same event.

For those who are familiar with my works from the early nineties (yes, I am sure there still are few who still remember), the outlines (aka letter forms) of my section of the wall might seem familiar. For a reason: they are based on few paintings I did way back in 1992. If that year rings a bell, it’s the very same year that the first graffities to east-Pasila district were painted. I didn’t have the honour to paint these walls then, so now that I finally had the chance to leave my mark on the area, I wanted to make a personal gesture towards “the originals” that painted in the area. So, the letters A,C and O are borrowed from a “Caco” piece I painted to Leppävaara, Espoo, in the fall of 1992 (picture below). T and N are borrowed from “Not” and “Act” pieces from the very same era. But since I knew I wouldn’t be painting by the same fill-ins and that I wanted to include something from the present timescale as well, I added the small doo dats here and there, drew some arrows and extensions and tried to balance the letters a bit, in a way that I didn’t yet have the skills or even the need to do some 26 years ago.

Caco, 1992. Leppävaara, Espoo.

And the last thing I wanna mention is the chosen color scheme. I am painstakingly aware that I tend to stick with the very few and considered to be safe color schemes in my pieces. So this time I was more than happy to give Rosk the leading role and decide the colors. What made it even more interesting is that the paints provided for the project were Montana Black‘s. A brand neither Rosk or I do not use that much since competing brands are way easier available in these neck of the woods. But Montana is a kick ass paint, that I have to agree upon.

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Client: Helsinki Urban Art