Ratos De Porao

Ratos De Porao is Brazilian punk/hardcore/thrash metal band, which has made music since 1981. They've recorded a bunch of albums, but I'm familiar with only one. Which is their 1991 release Anarkophobia. I was immediately blown away by that album when I heard it the first time, right after it's release

Since then I’ve wanted to borrow some of the album illustrations to my paintings. I’ve drawn various sections of the album artwork on my school papers and even on my back bag during early nineties. Yet this is the first time I actually spraypainted R.D.P. related graphics on a wall. And it took only 23 years. Well, you know what they say: better late than never.

From time to time I like to paint pieces only by spraypaints of certain paintmanufacturer. For this project I chose productline from Spanish Montana Colors. Most of the paint I used was glossy, high pressure Hardcore2 spraypaint. Except black, which was Nitro 2G.

Once again my wife was responsible for editing the video.
And if you don’t want to view the video, here’s few stills from the process.

  • Sketching the piece
  • Filling the background
  • Work in progress
  • Gradient fill ins for letters
  • Filling the rat-character
  • Outlining the character
  • Drawing outlines
  • Ratos De Porao

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