Raw Deal / Berlin, 2016

Since previous trip in 2015 to Copenhagen with Round and Psyke went so well, we decided to take another one during spring 2016. This time we chose Berlin as our target since it's more or less Psyke's second homebase in Europe and we wanted to minimize all tourist hassle and focus solely on painting.

  • Mauerpark / First lines for Acton-piece
  • Mauerpark / People sunbathing while artists are at work
  • Mauerpark / Acton and his favourite local beverage
  • Mauerpark / Psyke
  • Mauerpark / Acton
  • Mauerpark / Round
  • Legacy BLN Wall / Bunch of local kids looking at grown men at work
  • Legacy BLN Wall / Acton filling in the background
  • Legacy BLN Wall / Psyke finetuning his character
  • Legacy BLN Wall / Round
  • Legacy BLN Wall / Psyke
  • Legacy BLN Wall / Acton
  • Legacy BLN Wall / Psyke drawing outlines
  • Legacy BLN Wall / Acton painting outlines
  • Legacy BLN Wall / Acton RAW DEAL
  • Legacy BLN Wall / Psyke

There are bunch of good spots in Berlin to paint, but we decided to take it easy. First we went with the most obvious choice, Mauerpark, we’re everyone usually paints at least once. For the second day of our four day trip we went to Yorckstra├če area and local graffiti wall hosted by Legacy BLN, paint shop located at the same district. We fell in love with the place (both the shop, it’s personnel as well as the wall in the sports park) immediatelly and decided to paint there for the rest two days of our trip as well.

We even managed to take some videos from the trip and Psyke was kind enough to edit short clip from the material. Result below.

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