Sydhavnen Hall of Fame

Few colleagues from Raw Deal collective and myself decided to take a small painting trip abroad. We chose Denmark, since it's relatively close to Finland, has a lot to offer and does have a good vibe in general.

  • Choosing proper spot for painting
  • Psyke and Acton painting
  • Choosing colors
  • Doing fill ins
  • Acton concentrating
  • "Acton" in progress
  • Psyke in action
  • Raw Deal representing
  • Round Acton Psyke

We spent there for one weekend and managed to paint two murals. Here’s a documentation of the larger one, which we painted at Sydhavn Hall of Fame at the old harbour area of Copenhagen.

People responsible for the artwork: Round, Acton and Psyke.
Photo- and videoshooting: Saija Salonen.

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Client: Raw Deal