Seinäjoki Graffitilandia pt.1, 2022

Seinäjoki Graffitilandia is a large street art exhibition in a former junk store in Seinäjoki. The project is a continuation of Wasa Graffitilandia and the 1st run of Seinäjoki as well as the 3rd run of Wasa Graffitilandia run simultaneously during the summer of 2022.

  • Seinäjoki Graffitilandia logo painted on the wall
    Seinäjoki Graffitilandia, 2022 | Logo on the wall
  • Graffiti paintings in progress
    Seinäjoki Graffitilandia, 2022 | Soved and Acton in progress
  • Graffiti artists painting
    Seinäjoki Graffitilandia, 2022 | Kaom assisting Soved
  • Graffiti artist looking at his work
    Seinäjoki Graffitilandia, 2022 | Soved finishing his painting
  • Graffiti painting of a mushroom cloud
    Seinäjoki Graffitilandia, 2022 | Worship the Mushroom Cloud by Soved
  • Acton-graffiti
    Seinäjoki Graffitilandia, 2022 | Acton-graffiti based on the outlines by Skin
  • Soved posing in front of his graffiti
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | Soved posing in front of his graffiti
  • A van painted with graffities
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | Hende & Bates
  • Updated version of American Gothic by Psyke
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | "American Gothic" updated version by Psyke
  • Bates-graffiti with a black smurf
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | Bates
  • A large 1UP graffiti covering a whole house
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | 1UP
  • Graffities by Vimoas
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | VIMOAS
  • Black and white painting of a dog
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | Pieksa
  • Mural on a large wall
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | A mural
  • Large painting of a woman
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | JW17
  • View of the Wasa area
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | Characters by Laine on the front
  • Act-graffiti
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | Act (Slava Ukraini)
  • Letter graffiti on a sidewalk
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | Klive & Kaos
  • RIP Arson -graffiti with Eddie-characters
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | RIP Arson
  • Mural of a woman and nature
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | Viv Magia & Raphe
  • Don graffiti with a face of convicted criminal and ex-police Aarnio
    Wasa Graffitilandia, 2022 | Don Poro

I was invited to paint at Seinäjoki and Wasa Graffitilandias with my crew mate Soved. We visited the places in early April and painted one piece each on both locations.

This year quite a few well known graffiti artists outside Finland were invited to paint on both events so this is also my first time to participate in events with my child hood heroes Bates and VIMOA dudes. Well, I’ve never painted on the same location with 1UP crew either. But unfortunately I didn’t meet the guys, they visited the places about a month after our quick visit.

My working at Graffitilandias was made possible by a special COVID-19 grant for artists and professionals in the culture and creative sectors provided by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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