Soved Acton Poas, 2018

The long concrete wall near the Hanko train station was covered with various old tags and small graffities. In other words it didn't look very appealing. So there really was a need to get color over it. Local artist and art activist Hannu Malinen decided to do something about it.

  • Ikea bags are by far the best bags for carrying vast amounts of cans
  • First outlines for Soved
  • First outlines, two out of three
  • Acton and Kobra Low "Aria" in action
  • Artists in action
  • Soved and Kobra Low "Tsunami" in action
  • The drawing of outlines
  • Soved Acton Poas
  • Soved
  • Acton
  • Poas

I met Hannu in the fall of 2017 at Kerava. He was visiting the “For the Love of Freedom” exhibition the very same day when we painted at Demolition Project -event with Raw Deal members at a nearby mall right next to Sinkka, the Art Museum of Kerava. So, Hannu came by and talked with bunch of artist and I got to change some thoughts and contact infos and… well, it didn’t take long ’til he phoned me and said he might have a spot for me at Hanko if he’d sort out the funding for the project. And he did. So come spring 2018 and all that needed to be done to close the deal was me to provide the city officials a rough sketch of what I wanted to paint there.

To keep a short story, well, short, in the mid August 2018 I gathered my gear and crew mate Soved in the car and we drove to Hanko. We were told that a local younger writer Poas could come and help us in coloring larger areas as well as assisting with the equipment. I thought it would be better idea to let him paint his own word instead. I mean, he’s one of the locals after all. But since the case was originally offered to me and I did the original sketches, I got to sketch the whole wall. In order to keep the general looks similar. Which seemed to be fine for both Soved and Poas. Thanks for the trust, mates. I think the wall turned out pretty damn well and overall feedback from local people was positive.

Sincere thanks to Hannu Malinen for organising the event with the cultural officials of the city of Hanko. And huge thanks goes to the S-Market Hanko and the Port of Hanko for funding the whole event.

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Client: City of Hanko