Underpass of Meripihkanpolku, 2022

In late February 2022 I made the decision to paint only with yellow and blue tones. So naturally I wanted to keep this color theme with this tunnel too. I'm happy that my crew mates Round and Deos were fine with the idea, after all it's all about showing respect and support to people of Ukraine - who were still, while we were painting this very wall, defending their country against the russian opressor.

  • Graffiti artists at work
    Myyrmäki 2022 | Deos painting, Round selecting fill in -paints
  • Graffiti artists at work
    Myyrmäki 2022 | Deos and Round painting
  • Graffiti artist painting a concrete wall
    Myyrmäki 2022 | Deos working on his letters
  • Graffiti artist painting a concrete wall
    Myyrmäki 2022 | Round painting a smurf-character
  • Graffiti painter seen through a camera screen
    Myyrmäki 2022 | Round seen through the camera
  • Deos-graffiti
    Myyrmäki 2022 | Deos, smurf-character by Round
  • Round-graffiti
    Myyrmäki 2022 | Round
  • Acton-graffiti
    Myyrmäki 2022 | Acton, smurf-character by Round

So, this tunnel was something I painted with loads of local writers from Vantaa area back in 2013. Time unfortunately did it’s trick and both sides of the tunnel suffered from various damage; mainly dirt, tags and mold. In 2021 I suggested city of Vantaa that maybe it could be a time to repaint the whole tunnel. And while at it, I promised that we’d decorate the walls with brighter and paler colors compared to what we used in 2013. The tunnel is relatively wide and low, so it tends to be a bit shady and dark, so dark colors make the tunnel feel even more darker.

It took two days for me and my crew mates Round and Deos to paint the other side of the tunnel as well as the smaller walls at the sides of the tunnel. In addition to letters Round also painted three smurf-characters.

My working was made possible by a special COVID-19 grant for artists and professionals in the culture and creative sectors provided by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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